by Skies Speak

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released July 1, 2016

Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Jordan Vidrine
Mastered by LANDR


all rights reserved



Skies Speak Eunice, Louisiana

A solo act based in rural Louisiana, Skies Speak experimentally crafts sound into song using samples, crisp analog synths, and washed out tones. Over the years his sound has evolved into ambient & expressive style, turning his focus ever more toward how sound can evoke thoughts, feelings, & moods. ... more

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Track Name: Flu Season
Walked into a house of cards
Picking fingers at her heart
Open door don’t let it hurt you girl
Your minds unfurled
Picking fingers at your heart

Now our lives are haunted by a dark disguise
It grows
Into a hundred hands that grab for plans
They know
About my spirit and the ghost

Saw it coming in a dream
Ripping fabric at the seam
Open minds can drag you down to hell
You can tell
Ripping fabric at the seam
Track Name: Vinegar
Despised and rejected by mankind
He offered his heart up for my life
Disfigured and broken his blood ran
Torn into pieces our King was dead

We all like sheep have gone astray
Each of us turned to our own way
Cut off from the living eyes set on
On destroying darkness within our hearts

Surely he took up our pain
From him we hid our faces
We hold him in low esteem
He came to take my darkness

Only you can do it
Track Name: A Sound Mind
I've seen fire and I've seen rain
I've seen dark days didn't end
I know heartache and I know pain
Ive opened things that were never meant

I can see in your heart that your scared
Fear inside it comes and it goes
Turn around and nothing is there
Where does it come from? Some people claim to know

Started when I was a child
I looked at windows
Fearing faces looking back at me while mother held me

Wasn't left on my own
Scared to be left on my own
Unprotected from the storms inside me

I continue as a man
Im second guessing
Fearing that the choices I'm making will lead me into fog
That I'm gonna fall

I've been to hell and back again
On the way up I met Heaven's Friend
Saw the glory, glowing, lighted eyes
He lift his hand up to me and said "come inside"

Now I know that a fire in my heart is burning
I can feel that its wearing thin, no lights
And I'm sure that the answers here are certain
Please don't let the flame burn out tonight
Track Name: Slumber
This is not what I had thought it would be
Leaves of trees they spoke to me rustling

It came from nowhere I went to see you
I sketched your face in the ground they love you
Fate called my name in the night I walked up too
Your voice the angels declare your word its true

Though I was in the dark picking fingers at her heart
Yet you were there right by my side

Violent words in my head
What was alive was dead
Still peace you gave there to my mind

Weight it hurt
The weight it hurt
It lifted

With life in the balance full I now see
What happened to us I know was meant to be
A love into me was sown it goes down deep
Death finally lost its grip on me
Track Name: Phantom Pain
I'm standing on holy ground
Waiting for the sound of Heaven to come
I've been pierced deep in the vein
Am I his keeper can I carry his flame

Always the same in the silence
You came with fists clinched again
Approaching past with a violence
Nothing changed in the end

I feel I know whats right
Here's where I belong
Rock between my eyes
You cut my head off

Quicksand I'm running thin
Keep me from falling in
Rock between my eyes
You put your hand on
Track Name: Devotion
It’s hard to make the time go fast
It’s hard to make it last
Living in the moment has been so hard
It’s hard to hear you in this noise
It’s hard to row the seas
Don’t wana see my life go by and not
Realize your peace

Father I’m hungry for more
Like a bear in a trap
I’m stuck on the floor

Spirit I’m thirsty for rain
Like a deer in a cage
I pant for your name

Jesus I want to be free
Like a bird in a snare
Longs to flee
Track Name: Peace Plantation
Good morning
It’s finally nice to see you
It’s been a long time coming
And now I get to meet you

In the peace plantation
Always on my mind
All the lights are turned off
But the stars are on outside

We’re alone now
And I finally get to hear your voice
You’re all around me
And your spirit drowns out all the noise

No longer slaves
Driven to the fire
Walking slowly
In passion and desire

Fear not I’m coming home
Fear not I’m coming home

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